Overview: Presentation

Using the Presentation screen, you present your trial exhibits, clips, multimedia during trial.

Before getting started, you must learn more about basic presentation concepts. For more information, see Before you Begin.

After you've familiarized yourself with the basic presentation concepts, you can:

Before you Begin

Before you get started using Presentation, familiarize yourself with the presentation tools, icons, and concepts.

Set Preferences and Themes

In preparation for trial, you should configure the presentation module to suit your requirements.

Open a Case

To view a case in Presentation, you open the case. For more information, see Open a Case in TRIAL DIRECTOR

Load Items

There are multiple ways you can load items onto the presentation display:

Present Items

During trial you will present various items to the judge or jury. For more information about presenting different types of items, see:

Create Snapshots and Save Stages

As you present items you can create both snapshots and save stages. Snapshots are flattened images of the presentation screen, for more information see Use Screen Snapshot and Grab Screen Commands. When you create a Save Stage you save the layout of the actual exhibits as they appear on the presentation screen. Simply load a saved stage and begin playing video, page through a transcript, or do anything else you would normally do in your presentation. For more information, see Save and Load Stages.

Admit Trial Exhibits

Trial exhibits can be admitted instantly from TRIAL DIRECTOR Presentation according to admitting party, witness, and trial exhibit number. When you admit an exhibit, a sub-workbook named with the format "Admitted (today's date)" is automatically created under the Admitted workbook. For more information, see Admit Trial Exhibits in Presentation.

Advanced Skills

There are a number of advanced skills for users.

Presentation Command Lists - More advanced users often use lists of commands and scripts. For more information, see .

Keyboard Shortcuts - Time is crucial during any trial. A number of keyboard shortcuts are available to add exhibits, annotate exhibits, call up clips, and more. For more information, see Commands and Keyboard Shortcuts.


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