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discovery ][ Enterprise

A cloud-based litigation platform for case and media management, data processing, review, and production.

discovery ][ Local

A comprehensive, in-house eDiscovery, review, production, and presentation platform.

][ TrialDirector 360

Trial presentation software designed for the organization, preparation and presentation of key evidence throughout the legal process.


Click to view ASSESS ][ HOLD documentation based on user role. (Formerly NetGovern eDiscovery)


Click to view ANALYZE ][ REMEDIATE documentation based on user role. (Formerly NetGovern Audit & Remediate)


Click to view ARCHIVE ][ SAFEGUARD documentation based on user role. (Formerly NetGovern Archive)


Click to view AUDIT ][ ENFORCE documentation based on user role. (Formerly NetGovern Analyze and Enforce)

Sync Plus

A streamlined platform for the automated synchronization of transcript and multimedia files

ZyLAB Documentation

Click here to view documentation for our ZyLAB product suite.

discovery ][ eCapture

An electronic evidence processing solution designed to perform electronic discovery, processing, and production tasks.


Web-based review system featuring advanced analytics, robust security, and high-speed production.

Eclipse SE

Litigation software for native-file ingestion, full-featured review, transcript management, and production.

Legacy Documentation

The repository for previous versions of Ipro product documentation, including specific product releases and legacy print documentation.

Product Lifecycle

Provides detailed information about the Product Lifecycle, Release Date, End of Engineering, and End of Life for all IPRO products.