Admit Trial Exhibits in Presentation

Trial exhibits can be admitted instantly from TRIAL DIRECTOR Presentation according to admitting party, witness, and trial exhibit number. When you admit an exhibit, a sub-workbook named with the format "Admitted (today's date)" is automatically created under the Admitted workbook.

To admit an exhibit

  1. Make sure the zone displaying the exhibit is active by pressing the corresponding function key (F1 for zone 1, F2 for zone 2, etc.).

  2. Type -AD and then press [Enter].To assign a Trial Exhibit Number to an item when you admit it, type -AD(trial exhibit number) followed by the [Enter] key. For example, typing "-ADABC001" will admit the exhibit in the active zone as trial exhibit ABC001).

    • The command -AE also admits an exhibit.

    The exhibit is admitted.

Note: See Edit Workbook Item Properties for details on how to edit admitted item properties.


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