Overview: Transcripts

Eclipse SE offers users a dynamic platform for working with transcripts. Cases may include transcripts from such events as depositions, hearings, or court proceedings. If you have the appropriate privileges, you can import, view, and/ or annotate transcripts in Eclipse SE Administration and Eclipse SE Desktop. For more information on working with transcripts, see Review a Transcript.

Annotation Basics

Eclipse SE Desktop gives users the ability to view, search through, and annotate transcripts with ease. Furthermore, users can distinguish transcripts by type, link review documents and external files to specific locations in their transcripts, add customized notes, and run reports. For a brief overview of some of Eclipse SE's annotation tools, read through the following table:

Transcript Annotations




Addition of transparent color (blue) over transcript text to emphasize it. Issue tags, notes, and/or document links are associated with specific highlights.

Quick Marks

Place markers that highlight line numbers in the transcript’s margin.

Issue Tags

Tags used to identify specific matters of interest within transcripts; may be included as part of transcript import and/or may be defined by the Eclipse SE administrator. Tags are color-coded and the associated highlight will match the tag's color.


Reviewer comments regarding selected area of the transcript.

Document Links

Links relevant case documents to a selected area of the transcript.

External Links

Links external documents such as exhibits or any other relevant material to the selected area of the transcript.


To see how these annotations appear when applied to an actual transcript, click on the image below:

Supported Transcript File Types

The following transcript file types are supported in Eclipse SE.

  • TXT - Standard ASCII

  • PTF - LiveNote

  • PCF - LiveNote

  • TRN - From Summation

  • XML -Generic XML


For more information on working with transcripts in Eclipse SE Administration, see:

Manage Transcripts in Administration


For more information on working with transcripts in Eclipse SE Desktop, see:

Add, Edit, or Remove a Transcript

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Create, Edit, or Delete Transcript Types

Run a Report