Promote Live EDA Case

When you are satisfied with the search performed in your Live EDA case, you can promote the search results to the interconnected OPEN DISCOVERY Live EDA Review case. The relevant metadata will be included in the promoted data set, and become available in the Live EDA Review case as the Case Name, Document ID, Promotion Time, and Promotor. For more information, see Review Live EDA Case.

Note: To automatically load data for processing and to promote data to a Review case, you must set up a Processing case and a Review case. For more information, see Create Live EDA Case. To add a Processing or Review case to an existing Live EDA case, click the hamburger icon of the code name, select Add Case, and proceed with the Case Creation, as also explained in Create a New Case in OPEN DISCOVERY.

  1. Navigate to the Promote Data tab on the Case Overview toolbar and select Promote.

  2. In the Promote Wizard, configure the parameters of your promotion job.

  3. Select the case to which you would like to promote the data set. By default, the Processing case in the same code name is selected. If you have more than one Processing case in the same code name, select the correct one from the relevant drop-down menu.

  4. Select the search tabs from which you would like to promote data. If you would like to promote data from all Search tabs created, select All tabs. To specify the search tab(s), make a selection from the Select the tab(s) to promote menu.

  5. Click Next.

  6. Select the items/documents you would like to promote from the selected tabs. You can include All Items or make a selection by clicking Selected Item(s) Only.

    Note: To include only selected items/documents, you must first select them from the Document View.

  7. To exclude items/documents that have been assigned a specific tag(s), select the checkbox for Skip items having any of the following. Select the tag(s) to exclude items/documents that have that tag applied.

  8. Because Live EDA Search is connecting to data sources live, there will often be multiple versions of an item/document that multiple people are working on. Select the version that you would like to promote. You can select Promote All Versions, Promote Latest Version Only, or Promote Searched Version.

  9. Click Finish. The Promotion Jobs overview appears. Here, you can witness the live status and progress of the promotion job.

  10. To discontinue a job, click cancel. You can also open the Promotion Job overview by navigating to the Promote Data tab and selecting the Promotion List option.

  11. To view all present, past, or future jobs, go to Case Management. In the Case Management overview, open the Job Manager to review a job's status. The In Progress, Completed, and Scheduled tabs display all jobs processing at present, in the past, or in the future. For more information, see Overview: Job Manager.

    Note: When a promotion job is launched in the Live EDA case, the job must first be completed in the Live EDA Search interface before becoming available in the OPEN DISCOVERY Job Manager.

  12. The data from the Live EDA case will be promoted to the Review case. In Processing, custodians are created automatically. They are mapped to the Owner field of the Live EDA Search interface.

  13. To open the Review case, go back to the OPEN DISCOVERY Home page, select the (Undefined variable: Primary.ECA & Review) module, and open the relevant case. For more information, see Review Live EDA Case.


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