Overview: Reports

A number of reports are available in eCapture to assist you with the electronic discovery process.

Multiple jobs of the same type may be selected and multiple Reports can be run for those jobs, including Export Jobs. Filter and search reports are now combined into a report called Flex Processor Rules Manager.

Reports can be accessed for the selected job type (Data Extract, Processing, or Discovery) under the Client Management tab using the context menu.

All reports can be saved to a .CSV output file and imported into a spreadsheet program.

eCapture Reports

For Summary Reports, the data for the multiple jobs will be combined into one report. For Detail Reports, one report will be generated for each job. For example, if you selected three Data Extract Jobs and chose to run a Detailed Items Report, three separate Report windows would open - one for each Data Extract Job.

The Report windows display cascaded, starting from the upper left corner of the screen.

The title bar displays the name of the Report; and for Detail Reports, the Job name displays in the title bar. You may close the Report windows separately without exiting the Reporting function.

Reports may be accessed through the Reports dialog as explained in the following steps or by selecting a specific report from the context menu as explained in Run Reports using the Context Menu.

  1. From the eCapture Controller, choose View > Reporting from the menu bar to open the Reports Module. The Reports Module opens as a separate application.

  2. Choose the Client from the drop-down list. The Cases (Projects), Custodians, and Jobs appear, for the selected Client, in a treeview.

  3. Select one or more than one of the same job type. Select from the following:


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