Report Warnings and Errors

Warnings vs. Errors

In eCapture reports, you can run error reports for both Discovery and Processing jobs. These reports will show Errors and/or Warnings, if they exist. Errors and Warnings are not the same.

  • Warning Example - For example, if you run a Detailed Error Report for a Discovery Job and you see Discovery Warnings listed, they will be classified as either Node or Item warnings.

    Note: The following example uses two specific tasks that occur during discovery: indexing and extraction. There are other tasks that occur during the Discovery process.

    • An example of an item-level warning may mean that the system could not index a particular file for a number of reasons (password protected, corrupt, etc.).
    • An example of a node-level warning may mean the system attempted to extract files from an archive and that the extraction succeeded, but no files were actually extracted because the archive may have been empty.
  • Error Example - An overall extraction from the e-mail store itself failed.


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