Run Reports using the Context Menu

Reports may be accessed through the Client Management TreeView Job context menus. Once a report is selected from the context menu, results are displayed in a separate window.

  1. Right-click on a Job (standard or Streaming Discovery) or an Export Series (standard or Streaming Discovery) to display the context menu. The options that display in the context menu vary based on the type of job you have selected.

    Note: For either the Streaming De-duplication Overlay Report or the Streaming De-duplication Overlay with Paths Report, a Save File dialog opens and displays a default location, filename and extension (.CSV). Click Save. A Saving File Progress Meter dialog appears followed by the Explorer containing the saved report file. Double-click the saved report file to view the report contents.

  2. From the context menu, choose Reporting > and the desired report from the submenu. A separate window opens and displays the results for that report.

  3. (Optional) Click Save Report. The Report Output File dialog opens. Navigate to a directory and assign a filename. The Report is saved as a .CSV (Comma Separated Value) file format.


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