Overview: Reports

Review’s report function includes a variety of reports to assist you with review tasks, administrative duties, and case oversight. Reports are presented in an easy-to-use viewer that displays both text and graphics.

The following figure shows an excerpt from a typical Privilege Log Report.

Available reports

The following reports are available in Eclipse SE Desktop:

  • Privilege Report: summarizes how many documents include tags selected for the report. (Available tags are those defined with the Include in Privilege Report option.)

  • Affidavit/Responsive Report: allows you to report on documents relevant to your case, such as documents that will be/have been produced for discovery. Typically based on a search that identifies needed documents.

  • Case Review Summary Report: provides current or final state of all case documents and activity for a selected case.

  • Reviewer Detail Report: provides detailed information on reviewer activities (such as adding tags) for a selected period of time, including a day-by-day summary of time spent reviewing and editing documents.

  • Context Search Report: provides a report based on the results of a case-document search.  

  • History Report: lists details on actions taken on one or more documents, including the addition/removal of tags or annotations, image creation, and/or field edits. Several filtering options exist.

  • Case management reports: these reports are available to assist you in the evaluation of case data.

Privileges required

Only users with the privilege to do so can work with reports.

NOTE: Regarding the Case Review Summary and Context Search Reports, the report will display results based on the user permissions of the person running the report (that is, reporting on those tags and records they have permissions to see).

Before you begin

Before you begin, ensure that you understand the reports you should generate and details of your cases. For example, for the Privilege Log Report, you may want to check with your administrator to learn which tags are defined with the Include in Privilege Report option. Check for any instructions (in the Case Instructions folder) related to reports.


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