Overview: Edit Cases

Once a case has been created, several aspects of the case can be changed. Follow the procedures in this topic to manage existing cases.

Note: By default, you must have Super Administrator rights to perform all Case Management tasks. Those with Case Administrator rights can perform all case management tasks except for creating or deleting cases. These requirements may differ if the Super Administrator modifies privileges for a particular user.

Case Changes that Require Re-Indexing

Certain case changes require that the indexes used for searching be rebuilt, such as:

  • Changing some aspects of the case definition

  • Changing database field definitions (field type, flags)

Depending on the size of the database, system capabilities, and other factors, indexing may consume significant system resources and time.

For the IPRO database, in most cases you will be given the opportunity to re-index when changes are made. If you do not re-index at that time, you will need to rebuild indexes manually to ensure that search indexes are aligned with your case definition. If you are working with a SQL database, you will need to re-index using standard SQL procedures.

See Index Maintenance for more details on manually rebuilding indexes.

IMPORTANT! To minimize the impact to the system and interruptions in case activities, it is recommended that you re-index cases during “off hours,” for example, at the end of the work day or on the weekend. Notify users who may work at these times of possible interruptions.


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