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Manage Users

Create New User

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Delete Users

Import a User from a File

Import Users from Active Directory



Create New Groups

Edit a Group

Delete a Group

Security Templates

Overview: Security Templates

Create a Security Template

Modify a Security Template

Delete a Security Template


Environment Settings

Change Environment / Share Settings

Define Media Attachment File Path

Define Barcodes

Sign In With Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Configure Single Sign-on (SSO)

Configure Trusted IP Addresses


System Logs

About System Monitoring

View Log Information

Copy Stations

Manage Copy Stations

Create Copy Stations

Modify Copy Stations

Delete Copy Stations

Storage Locations

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Modify Storage Locations

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Manage Contacts

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Permissions List

Assign Permissions


See all Administration FAQs

FAQ: Single Sign-on and Multi-Factor Authentication

Supported Native Files Types

Ask the IPRO Community

System Requirements


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