Overview: Export and Replicate

Eclipse SE offers users the ability to export or replicate case data from Eclipse SE. Administrators typically perform these actions.

Note: Specific privileges govern a user’s ability to perform these tasks. By default, administrative and Power User roles include these privileges. Check with your administrator if you have any questions about exporting or replicating case data.


Exporting is the process of creating a file containing case field data and optionally tags, annotations, and other case details. Data can be exported to any of the following file types:

Export File



Export case field data to a comma-delimited text file.


Export field data for selected documents to a delimited text file matching Concordance standards.


Export data for selected documents to an Ipro Tech load file, including data for selected fields plus any of the following options:


For the documents being exported, include public document tags that have been applied.


Include embedded text, sticky notes, highlights, and markups (lines) that have been applied to images.

Case Definition File (.CSE)

Create a file that defines the case (without data) for Case Management use. Includes details such as database field definitions, tag and redaction palette details, stop words, and case options.


Export data for selected documents to an Ipro Tech load file, including data for all fields plus any of the following options:


Include tag details as described for .DLF files.


Include embedded text and sticky notes that have been added to images.


Include content of Extracted Text field.

Native File Links

Include file and path details for native files.


Replication is a process that creates a local, stand-alone instance of Eclipse SE data and files. This can be helpful if you need to review case documents when no network access exists (such as when traveling).

Only the user who originally replicates a case will be able to access the case locally.

Case details that can be replicated include:

  •  Basic:

    •  Field data

    • Image, extracted text, and native files

    • Redactions annotations, tags, etc.

    • Work-related items (folders, journals, etc.)

  • Optional:

    •  Transcripts

    •  Instructions

    •  Non-discovery documents

    •  Production documents


The following Eclipse SE functions are not available in published cases:

  • TIFF-on-the-Fly

  • Scanning

  • Merge/Split Documents

  • View History

  • Import Transcripts

NOTE: You can save searches and create folders for organizing searches in your replicated case, or create Private or Smart Folders, but these items are for use only in the replicated case. They will not be uploaded to the full Eclipse SE case.


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