Change User Password

You must be a Super Administrator to change user details. The full name and/ or password can be changed, but not the user ID. To make changes:

  1. Start Eclipse SE Administration and log in as a Super Administrator.
  2. Click the Case Management tab.
  3. In the navigation panel, expand the User/Group Management menu and click User Management.
  4. In the left pane of the User Management workspace, click the name of the user whose user name and/or password is to be changed. (Although not generally recommended, you can change multiple users’ passwords identically by using Shift+click or Ctrl+click methods to select multiple user names.)
  5. To change only the password, select Modify > Password, then enter a new password and click OK. Ensure sufficient password strength.

    Eclipse SE allows you to require strong passwords, which must be from 8 to 16 characters long and include at least one uppercase character and one number or special character. If strong passwords are not required, then a password that is 6 - 16 characters long is required.

    Tip: Even if strong passwords are not required, best practices call for passwords with at least one upper- and one lowercase character, both alpha and numeric characters, and at least one special character (such as ! @ # $, etc.).


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