Change the Location of a Volume (VN)


This command updates the storage location for the CD-ROM platter.

Command Structure

VN,[Volume Name],[Storage String],[Access Type]



This example shows an alternate path

Command Elements

Function or target



The identifier that tells the system that this is a volume name record. It is required.

[Volume Name]

[Volume Name] is required. Can be up to 30 characters.

[Storage String]

Direct Access Path.

[Access Type]

Alternate Volume Path = 99

Direct Access = 0

Local CD-ROM = 10

Length Limitations

Length Limitations

Image Key

70 characters

Volume Name in IM or VN command

30 characters

Filename in IM command

80 characters

Path to Volume in VN command plus path to file in IM command

197 characters

Path to Volume (in VN command) plus path to file plus filename in IM command

217 characters


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