Import an Exhibit Label

In Case Manager, you can import exhibit labels into your case from the Exhibit Labels tab in an open case.

To add an exhibit label:

  1. Open Case Manager.

  2. Double-click a case to open it.

  3. Select the Exhibit Labels tab. The Exhibit Label table appears.

  4. Click the Import Label button.

  5. The default location for exhibit label files opens.

    Note: If exhibit label files for import are stored at other locations, you must navigate to those locations to retrieve them.

  6. Select the LBL file to import. Click Open. A new exhibit label is created in the list.

    Important: If there is already an exhibit label in the list that has the same name as the selected LBL file, a dialog box displays asking you whether to proceed. If you choose Yes, an exhibit label with a duplicate name is created. You can then Edit that name by clicking the label and renaming it in the Edit Exhibit Label dialog box. Otherwise, you can choose to Remove the label.

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