Export a Clip Creation Script

There may be occasions when you need to copy clips from one transcript or one case to another case. For example, if more than one person on the trial team is creating clips, use a Clip Creation Script (*.ccs) to replicate clips made by others in TrialDirector. You may also modify a Clip Creation Script to string together multiple clips, although TrialDirector's Multiplayer Workbook gives you the same option without having to edit a script.

A *.ccs file exported from TrialDirector will contain all of the clip description and identification information. It will also contain the deponent information.

To export the .ccs file, follow the instructions below:

  1. Click the EVIDENCE tab in the left navigation panel.

  2. Open the needed case by double-clicking the case name in the Cases table. Alternatively, you can select the appropriate case name, then click the Open Case button in the ribbon bar above the table.

  3. Open the Clips Explorer.

    If the Clips Explorer is not visible, you can open it using the Explorers dropdown in the TrialDirector EVIDENCE Main Menu.

    Click the drop-down arrow and then click Clips.

  4. In the Clip Explorer, select the clips you want to include in the clip creation script.
  5. Right-click and select the Export to CCS option.
  6. Note: You can use the CTRL key to select multiple non-contiguous clips or the SHIFT key to select multiple contiguous clips. You can also select clips from different transcripts to export to the Clip Creation Script.

    The Export to CCS dialog displays.

  7. Click Browse to select a new destination path for the clip creation script or leave the default destination path.
  8. Enter a name for the output file.
  9. Click Export.
  10. The CCS file is generated. When finished the Export Complete dialog displays.

  11. To open the folder where the CCS file was exported, click the Open Location button. Otherwise, click the Close button.

Note: When you export a clip creation script from the TrialDirector Web Portal, the exported file will be available in your My Files area.

Note: If you click the Export CCS button on the toolbar , all clips listed are exported in a single .CCS file.


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