Advanced Attachment Search

An advanced attachment search lets you search for attachments to email messages, such as images or other files. For O365 environments, you can also perform an attachment search on modern attachments. Attachments can be:

  • Greater than or less than a specific size
  • Files that match or do not match words in a word list
  • Files that include or exclude certain words in the body
  • Files that include words close to other words

Keep in mind that the AND and OR Boolean operators are the mainstay of the advanced search. Think about how to narrow or broaden a search by including or excluding certain information pertinent to the case. Remember that the AND operator narrows a search and the OR operator broadens a search. In IPRO Search, the AND operator is represented by "All of" and the OR operator is represented by "Any of"—see Search Operators.

When searching for attachments, the ideal scenario is to take the search parameters from an attachment search you have previously conducted using the Search dialog box, and use them in an advanced message search.


It is only possible to use parameters from previous searches if you have not cleared them from the Search dialog box after running the search.

Then when you open the Advanced Search dialog box, the attachment fields will already be populated with the parameters you used in an earlier search.

If you do not want to use the previous search parameters, simply remove the rules you do not want or clear the entire Advanced Search dialog box before starting a new search.

Also, you can decide whether you want to search for attachments within the Email section and use nested queries, or search for attachments independent of other queries. Either way, the method of creating an advanced attachment query is the same.