NetGovern Search lets you export the contents of an entire case, as well as specific search tabs and selected messages within a case. You can export to various outputs, depending on what data sources you are exporting from:

  • XML (email) only: Export to PDF, PST, CSV, 7ZIP, ZIP, Load File, Location
  • XML and files: Export to CSV, 7ZIP, ZIP, Load File
  • Files only: Export to CSV, 7ZIP, ZIP, Load File
The server that is exporting must have Outlook 32-bit installed. If Outlook 32-bit is not installed directly on the server, the export will fail.
If a PST file exceeds 20 GB, a new PST file will be created. You can export multiple accounts to a single PST.
To view exported content in PDF format, you must have a PDF reader installed on your computer. If any attachments cannot be rendered, a list of those attachments is included in the PDF file.
You can export Load Files in CSV based or EDRM compatible format—see Exporting Load Files.

The files created by exporting messages are stored in the same location in which the A Case Management information is stored. Therefore, the more exports you perform, the more data will be stored in that location. However, you can delete exported files to free up space.

There are several steps involved with exporting:

You can also skip items that have certain tags: