Configuring Slack Connectors

Include files, posts, and replies from direct conversations, group conversations, and workspace channels in Slack in your IPRO case.

IPRO supports Slack Enterprise Grid and Slack Plus only. You can index and archive the data in Slack Enterprise Grid, and you can archive the data in Slack Plus.

First, complete the prerequisites for configuring the Slack Enterprise Grid or Slack Plus connector. Integrate IPRO with Office 365.

When configured, create the Live Location in the IPRO Admin UI. For the Live Location, add an Instant Messaging Store, and select Slack Enterprise Grid or Slack Plus as the source location.

Next, ensure all users are mapped by performing User Mapping. Complete the configuration process by creating Indexing and Archiving jobs to crawl and archive the source data.

Indexing jobs are run to make data searchable. Indexing must be performed prior to archiving if you intend to search the archived data.

When set up is complete, indexed and archived Slack Enterprise Grid content can be viewed, searched, and exported from IPRO Search. The archived Slack Plus content can be viewed and exported.