Configuring OneDrive Connector

You can archive, index, export, and view data in OneDrive from NetGovern Search. This includes O365 email attachments sent as modern attachments and stored on OneDrive.

To index and archive data in OneDrive, configure the connector and create a Live Location in the NetGovern Admin UI. When you have configured the connection, perform User Mapping. Next, set up indexing and archiving jobs to crawl and archive the data in OneDrive.

Once you complete the full configuration process, indexed and archived OneDrive data can be included in your NetGovern case.

When you have created the location and configured the connector, you must ensure that all users are mapped. For more information—see User Mapping. For detailed steps—see Configuring User Mapping
Once configured, an indexing or archiving job must be created in order to process the content. An Index job must be set up in order to make the data searchable—see Configuring File Indexing. Indexing must be performed prior to archiving if you intend to search the archived data—see Configuring File Archiving.

First, you must integrate NetGovern with Office 365. Register the Crawler application with the Microsoft Identity Platform and grant the permissions required. Once you have completed the prerequisites for configuring the OneDrive connector, you can create the Live Location in the NetGovern Admin UI.