Viewing and Interpreting Reports

Job Reports can be viewed in the NetGovern Admin UI, both on the Archiving > Report tab and on the Report tab of specific jobs. These NetGovern Console views automatically collate data from the logging database into reports for administrators to use.

The Report tab on the Cluster object provides information about the System Address Book Sync job. The Report tab of a specific agent's job provides information on that specific job.

By default, when you click on the Report tab, you see summary reports from the last two executions of the job in question (assuming there have been two). If you wish to see information from older executions, click Edit Filter to select the date range for which you want to view reports.

You will only be able to see data for executions that date back as far as the logging database settings for keeping job execution data are configured. Check your Configuration > Purge log after setting, and adjust it if you want to keep data for a longer period of time.

Along with allowing you to select a specified date range, the Edit Filter button also allows you to narrow the reporting scope down to only show data pertaining to specific users and/or only those users experiencing errors.