Updating Your License

Licenses are assigned per unique user per agent. Each agent can have a different number of licenses. Each user is counted only once, even if they appear on multiple jobs under that agent.

If the number of users exceeds the maximum number of users allowed by your license, jobs will stop running and there will be no indication in NetGovern Search.

License Validity Period

Your license entitles your organization to use NetGovern for a specified period of time for a specific number of users. You can update your license from within the NetGovern Admin console.

New Releases

When a new version of NetGovern Search becomes available, a yellow icon appears beside the version number in the title bar.

Before updating to a new version of NetGovern Search, refer to the most recent Release Notes - Version 6.5.4 to view a list of the new features and enhancements, and bug fixes. Be sure to plan the upgrade and consult with your team.