Configuring Locations

As the IPRO Administrator, you configure connections to external data sources. With IPRO, you can connect to multiple and various external locations, including OneDrive, MS Teams, and Slack. To process the data in an external location using IPRO, you must configure the relevant connector and create the appropriate location in the IPRO Admin UI.

In the IPRO Admin UI, you can create a Storage Location or a Live Location. The location you choose, depends on the data your users need to access.

  • A Storage Location is an archive data repository, built on a specified storage device—see Configuring Storage Locations. A standard Storage Location must be created in order to set up and run archiving jobs.

  • A Live Location is an external Document Store or Instant Messaging Store, depending on the data source you are connecting to—see Configuring Connectors. Live Locations grant access to external locations on cloud-based environments. A Live Location must be created to in order to set up and run indexing and archiving jobs. Indexing jobs are required make data available and searchable in an IPRO audit.

If you do not intend to search the data in an external location and only want to archive it, you create an archive data repository by configuring a Storage Location. If you intend to search the live data in an external location and want to index it, you configure a Live Location. This also allows you to archive the live data.

Once configured, you must ensure that User Mapping is performed. For more information—see User Mapping. For detailed steps—see Configuring User Mapping.