Starting NetGovern Search

Once you know which role you will be playing in a data audit, you can start NetGovern Search and log in.

If your organization uses an identity provider that supports Single Sign-On (SSO), such as AD FS, and if your NetGovern Search administrator has configured SSO, you will be signed in to NetGovern Search automatically once you sign in to AD FS. If you attempt to sign in to NetGovern Search before you sign in to AD FS, you will be redirected from the NetGovern Search welcome screen to the AD FS sign-in page. Otherwise, the SSO process is invisible to you.

NetGovern Search has various timeouts designed to boost system security regarding user authentication. When SSO is enabled in NetGovern, authentication access authorized by the Identity Provider (in most cases AD FS) will override the timeouts in NetGovern Search. In cases where the timeouts are not overridden, the user will be redirected to AD FS (most likely invisibly) in order to re-authenticate.
Once SAML is enabled, users cannot change their NetGovern password, since the welcome screen where this option appears is no longer visible. Since authentication occurs through Active Directory, the NetGovern password is irrelevant when SSO is enabled.

SSO syncs cloud identities for sites such as NetGovern Search, Office 365, and Salesforce, as well as for local apps including the Microsoft Office suite. If you have any questions about SSO, contact your NetGovern Search administrator.