Overview: Journals

You can save notes regarding an open case or review batch in a journal, which is a file available to you in Eclipse SE Desktop. For example, you might want to make a note about records you have put in a Private Folder or create a “to do” list.

Journals are files created with a simple text editor that allows basic formatting (similar to Microsoft® WordPad) in Rich Text Format (.RTF). Files are saved to a location of your choice with an extension of .JOU (saved on your personal computer or network location for which you have read/write access).

When you first create a journal, you will be asked to specify a journal directory, which is the local or network location where you want journal files to be saved. Once this directory is defined, Review will “look for” journal files only in that location.

Therefore, if you save a journal to a different location, your changes will be saved, but you will not see them in Eclipse SE Desktop.

Note: The Journal folder is available to users who have the privilege to work with it. If you do not see the Journal folder and believe you need it, contact your administrator.

Journal Editor Toolbar

Toolbar Buttons



Save the active document.


Save the active document under a new file name/in a new location.


Print the open journal file.


Format text: Bold, italic, underlined, strikethrough.


Align text: Left, center, right.


Choose a font color for selected text. The default font color is black.


Undo or redo the previous action. Many actions can be undone and/or redone.

TIP: The keyboard shortcuts, CTRL+Z and CTRL+Y also work.

Cut, copy, or paste selected text.

TIPS: You can copy/paste from several programs if they support RTF (including graphics and tables), with the following caveats:

  • Do not paste content from Microsoft Word or other document processors that maintain style informa­tion. Unwanted style information may be included.

  • You can paste graphics from some programs.

  • You can paste tables from some programs, for example, a spreadsheet program such as Micro­soft Excel®, however, you cannot edit a table in a journal file.

  • The keyboard shortcuts, CTRL+X, CTRL+C, and CTRL+V can be used instead of the toolbar but­tons.

Keep journal window on top of other items in Eclipse SE Desktop.


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