Use a Production Template

A production template allows you to maintain consistency in the output of various production jobs. If a production template with settings needed for a new production job exists:

  1. In Eclipse SE Administration, click the Production tab, then click Create Production in the Production navigation panel.

  2. Select the needed case.

  3. Select the documents to be produced as explained in Select the Production Set.

  4. Click Import Template.

  5. Click the name of the template to be used and click OK.

  6. Click OK in response to the confirmation message.

  7. Click either Use Range for Production or Use Search, depending on your production set definition.

  8. Review all template settings and make changes if needed. Refer to the procedures in for details.

  9. When settings have been checked/changed, complete the following two procedures:

    • Create a New Production Job
    • Complete the Production