Remove a Case

You can remove a case in Eclipse Administration. For this procedure, you must log on as a Super Administrator.

Important: Deleting a case permanently removes the case from Eclipse SE Administration and Eclipse SE Desktop, and also removes associated records. Back up a case before it is deleted.

  1. Make sure no one is working in the case (in Eclipse SE Desktop or another instance of Eclipse SE Administration). You cannot delete a case if any users are logged in to the case (or batches based on the case).
  2. In the Case Management workspace, select the needed client and case.
  3. Double-check and make sure the correct client and case are selected in the left pane of the Case Management workspace.
  4. Click the Case Details tab, then click the Delete Case button.
  5. In response to the warning message, click Yes, delete the case.

    The case is removed from the database.


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