Eclipse SE Release Notes 2019.0.0

Ipro Tech, LLC is pleased to announce the 2019.0.0 release of Ipro® Eclipse SE™. This release includes enhancements to Native Ingestion, Searching, as well as bug fixes.

  • Ipro Authorization Service version 2016.3.0 or higher is required to use the Summation Migration Utility.
  • Ipro Authorization Service version 2016.3.1 and a 64-bit operating system are required to use the SE Streaming license for processing native files.
  • Please ensure that all Eclipse SE databases are backed up before applying the upgrade.


  • Modification to installer to set high DPI compatibility for Ipro products.
  • Ability to include OCR path in a produced or exported DAT file.
  • Upgrade of streaming engine for improved native ingestion processing.

  • Option to skip full text merge/indexing after native ingestion, allowing users to choose when indexing occurs.

    • If the option to not merge indexes after ingestion is selected, the log file will reflect that “Full-text rebuild of indexes skipped”.
  • Ability to import a list of search terms when using the advanced search feature.

  • Summation Migration now available:

    • Moved Summation Migration error log to C:\ProgramData\Ipro Tech\EclipseSE\Logs\Migration with a name of Summation_(date).
    • Transcript links available in Review after Summation Migration.
    • New visual status bar for summation migration progress.
    • Addition of view log button added to Summation Migration and Summation Batch Migration allowing users to access the log file easily.
  • Natural Sort order added to Streaming, Native, and Image ingestion changing from Windows sort order to allow files to be ingested in natural order, i.e., 1, 2, 3, 10, 20, 30 instead of 1, 10, 2, 20, 3, 30.
  • Updated help links to new location:
  • Updated redaction tool to be based off privileges to use, i.e., if user does not have the rights to create a redaction it will no longer allow them to draw a redaction or select a redaction category. Users who have the privilege to view redactions will be able to change the view, i.e., solid, hatch, or outline.

Resolved Issues


  • DESK-831 – During streaming ingestion it was discovered that if attachments are embedded objects instead of normal Mail Attachments, and Stellent cannot identify the file, it would be skipped.

    RESOLUTION – Modification made to extract and number all attachments during ingestion.

  • DESK-1441 – Streaming ingestion was not extracting all attachments if they were unknown file types nor was the error logged.

    RESOLUTION – Modification made to extract all attachments and if unable to do so to log error to log file.

  • DESK-1187 – Reports of indexing slowness during the load of native ingestion data when several database fields have sort values assigned.

    RESOLUTION – Added option to not auto-merge indexes after ingestion. The user will have to rebuild the full-text indexes later.


  • DESK-917 – Unhandled exception when imaging certain native PDF files and choosing the “Black and White” option during TIFF on the Fly.

    RESOLUTION – Modification made to improve PDF imaging during TIFF on the Fly.

  • DESK-918 – When selecting the “Split Document” on a certain PDF document images (imaged via Bulk TIFF), if the OCR checkbox is selected an application error will occur after Commit Changes is clicked.

    RESOLUTION – Modification made to improve splitting of documents.

  • DESK-1095 – Advanced transcript search would not allow for multiple search connectors.

    RESOLUTION – Modification made so that multiple search connectors will be recognized during transcript advanced searches.

  • DESK-1596 – When printing images advanced printer options were not being used, i.e., ability to Duplex, 3-hole punch, etc. These same options would work in other applications such as Microsoft Word.

    RESOLUTION – Finishing options are now being applied when printing from Eclipse SE Desktop with the Advanced Printing Options selections made.

  • DESK 2524 – Images generated by digital devices (eg. digital and iPhone cameras) that contain a rotation flag may result in shifted redaction during production

    RESOLUTION – To identify impacted images, run the utility report provided in Administration. Any future annotations will be fixed and have the correct rotation.


  • DESK-919 – Incorrect references to images were being added to published cases when choosing the publish from load files option and there were image errors.

    RESOLUTION – Corrected to publish the correct image and if an error occurs when saving and image file, no image file will be added.

  • DESK-376 – When publishing from a DLF, extracted text was only showing the relative path.

    RESOLUTION – Modification made to show extracted text in published cases.