Citrix Versions and Hardware Specs

As there is an unlimited number of possible execution environments, IPRO confines its testing to common scenarios. IPRO cannot guarantee all features will function as normal with every Citrix configuration. While Citrix provides a high level of security, performance may be greatly impacted. IPRO Support reserves the right to troubleshoot outside of Citrix. Testing the software in your configured environment is advised.

For the versions and hardware specs used in IPRO's testing, review the information below:

Note: It is highly recommended that users presenting at trial also install LOCAL DISCOVERY directly onto their local machine. TRIAL DIRECTOR and Case Story are not supported within a Citrix configuration. Performance will be greatly impacted. TRIAL DIRECTOR audio and video will NOT function properly within a Citrix Deployment. Only one Citrix server is supported.

Please click here to review the prerequisites prior to deploying with Citrix.

  • Citrix Server Versions:
    • Storefront version: 3.12.3000.54

    • VDA version: 7.15 cu5

    • Delivery Controller version (XenDesktop Version): 7.15.3000.488

    • Netscaler/ADC version: 13.0-52.24_nc

  • Citrix Client:

    • Citrix Receiver for Windows
  • Application Delivery Method

    • Published Desktop
    • Published App

      Note: When configuring LOCAL DISCOVERY as a "published app" within Citrix, please ensure you set the "working Directory" to C:\Program Files\Ipro Tech\Desktop\CaseDirector

  • Server Version

    • Windows Server 2016
  • EndPoint OS Version

    • Windows 10

Server Hardware Specs

  • For VDA Deployments:

    • Proc: 2c

    • Memory: 4GB Start

    • 8GB Max

  • For SQL Deployments (Shared by other applications):
    • Proc: 8c

    • Memory: 32GB

  • For Delivery Controller Deployments:

    • Proc: 4c

    • Memory: 4GB Start

    • 12GB Max

  • For Radius/2FA Deployments:

    • Proc: 2c

    • Memory: 2GB Start

    • 4GB Max

  • For License Server Deployments:

    • Proc: 4c

    • Memory: 4GB Start

    • 8GB Max

  • For Netscaler/ADC Deployments:

    • Proc: 2c

    • Memory: 2GB Static

  • For Storefront Deployments:

    • Proc: 4c

    • Memory: 4GB Start

    • 8GB Max

Deployment information

For more information on deploying your Citrix environment, consult the documentation linked below.


Delivery Controller:


License Server: