Review the Scanned Documents List

To begin the quality check of your scanned documents:

  1. Getting started (if needed):

    1. Log in to Processing and open the needed case.

    2. Select Scan Documents > Open Existing Scan Session from the menu button.

    3. Select the needed session and click Open. The Scanning module opens.

  2. Review the Closedscanned documents list to determine the following types of problems:

    • Boundary changes

    • Missing OCR

    • Numbering problems

    • Missing images

    • Corrupt scan database (for example, no documents are listed)

  3. Continue with the following procedures as needed.

Boundary changes

If you did not use prep sheets or errors occurred in prep sheet placement, make corrections by right-clicking the image, selecting Boundary, and then the needed menu item:

  • Parent: Change the image to be a new document, not a page within a document or child document.

  • Child: Change the image to be an attachment to the image preceding it.

  • Remove: Remove a boundary designation. The image will become a page of the image preceding it.

Missing OCR

If documents were OCR’ed as part of the scanning process, check the scanned documents list to ensure that a Y is in the OCR column for each image that should have OCR text.

NOTE: If a page is rescanned or rotated, then current OCR text is deleted (because it no longer matches the image). Use this procedure to re-OCR such images.

  1. For a single page: Right-click that image and select OCR Current Page.

  2. For all pages in a document: Right-click that image and select OCR Current Document.

  3. Wait as OCR text is created for the selected page/document. When the OCR process starts and is in progress, the OCR indicator is Q. When the process completes, the indicator changes to Y.

  4. Once the process is completed, click the OCR tab and check the OCR.

Renumber images

If problems exist with the image keys used for the scanned document(s), right-click an image to be renumbered, then select Renumber and the needed menu item using the options presented.

TIP: If you renumber documents/pages, you may want to change the order of the list. To do so, select the needed Display Order (Sort by Image Key or Scan Order) in the left pane of the scanning window.  

Missing images

If you discover that some documents were not included in the scan session, add them as follows:

  1. Make sure scanning options are set as needed. See Define and Run a New Scan Session for details. Also ensure image keys are defined as explained in Scan the Documents.

  2. Add the needed documents to the scanner, including prep sheets if they are being used. If prep sheets need to be created, see Use prep sheets to define document boundaries.

  3. In the scanned documents list, find the location where the new documents should be inserted.

  4. Complete one of the following actions:

    • To insert documents above a certain document, right-click that document and select Insert Scanned Image(s) > Insert Pages BEFORE Current Page.

    • To insert documents below a certain document, right-click that document and select Insert Scanned Image(s) > Insert Pages AFTER Current Page.

  5. If the scanner dialog box is set to open, complete the dialog box. Wait as the documents are scanned.

  6. Check the newly scanned/inserted images as described in the following procedure.

Repair Corrupt Scan Database

The database used for scanning may occasionally become corrupt. If you open an existing scanning session and the document list is empty, or you perform an action (such as renumbering images) and receive an error message such as "Error opening Scan Master Database," perform the following steps.

  1. Expand the Save/Close Session section of the left pane in the scanning window.

  2. Click Repair Scan Database and wait as the database is repaired. The time required depends on the size of the scan database and system resources.

  3. When finished, documents will be listed (if they were not before).

  4. Continue with document review and corrections.

NOTE: If you will be scanning additional documents, make sure you click the Refresh button, , to ensure the correct image keys will be used for the new documents.


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