Add a Witness

To manually add a cast member (e.g. a witness) on the Cast Explorer:

  1. In the Cast Explorer, select Add Item.
  2. The Add Cast dialog appears.

  3. Fill in the information for the witness.
    • Witness - Click the Witness option to add witness details. If adding information for an entity, such as a law firm or other business, select Entity and fill in the appropriate information. For more information, see Add an Entity.
    • Witness Type - Specify the witness type. The options are Character, Expert, Fact, Material, 30(b)(6), and Other
    • Key Witness - When you check the Key Witness check box, in the Cast Explorer, you can filter the Cast list to only display Key Witnesses.
    • Called By - From the Called By drop down list, select the party responsible for calling the witness to the stand. The Called By list is populated by the parties defined under Case Management.
    • Create Workbook - When you check the Create Workbook check box, a witness workbook with the associated files is auto-generated and appears in the Workbooks Explorer. Workbooks created in the Workbooks Explorer in Case Story are available in TRIAL DIRECTOR in the Workbooks Explorer.
  4. Choose an option to save the witness.

    There are two save options for your convenience:

    • Save - Saves the witness, does not close the dialog, and clears the fields so you can create another witness right away.

    • Save & Close - Saves the witness and closes the Add Cast dialog.



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