Add a User

Before You Begin

For efficient creation and management of users:

  1. Decide on the approach to use for user name, user ID, and password details.

    • Name: For example, decide on the order of first and last names (John Smith or Smith, John).

    • User ID: Determine what you will use for user IDs. For example, if your organization has employee IDs, it may be most logical to use those IDs. A maximum of 60 characters can be used.

    • Password: Determine a password approach that will provide appropriate log-in security for your organization. See Determine password requirements.

  2. No other character limitations or particular formats exist for user information.

Add a User

To create users one by one in Case Management:

  1. Start Case Management and log in as a Super Administrator. (Only Super Administrators can create users.)

  2. In the navigation panel, click the Users tab.

  3. Click the Add User button above the users table. The Add User dialog will appear.

  4. In the User Info step, enter the new user’s name (60 characters maximum), user identification, email address, and a password, per your planning decisions (see Overview: Security). Notes:

    • User IDs must be unique.

    • Passwords must be from 6 - 16 characters long.

  5. If the added user should not be active at this time, select the Mark as Inactive option. When finished, click the Next button.

  6. In the Role/Privileges step, select the role you would like to give the new user.

  7. You can add or remove privileges for the user by selecting the check box next to each privilege. See Control System Access Using Groups, Users, Roles, and Privileges for more information on roles and privileges.

    Click the Next button.

  8. In the Group Assignments step, select the group(s) that the new user should be assigned to, and click Next.

  9. Review the Summary of the new user's information. If necessary, click the Edit button to navigate to the appropriate step and make any necessary changes.

  10. Click Save to confirm that all user information is correct and create the new user.

  11. To add a new user from the confirmation screen, click Add New User, otherwise click Close.
  12. Repeat steps 4 - 11 for all users being added at this time.

  13. Inform the user of their LOCAL DISCOVERY login names and passwords.


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