Overview: Groups

Case activities can be efficiently managed and monitored by creating groups of users who will share specific tasks (such as batch review).

See Control System Access Using Groups, Users, Roles, and Privileges for more information on users, groups, roles, and privileges.

Important: You must have Super Administrator rights to configure and manage clients.

Get Started with Groups

Planning will bring you the greatest success in managing your organization’s workflow. Creating a group includes these major steps:

  • Creating the group.

  • Adding users to the group.

  • Assigning a role and/or specific privileges to the group and/or specific users within the group.

  • Assigning cases to the group.

For greatest efficiency, determine the following information before you begin:

  • Naming conventions for your groups. A maximum of 60 characters is allowed for each group name.

  • The groups you will need, including the following group details:

    • Group’s role (and privileges, if different from those of the role)

    • Users who will be members of each group. Each user can belong to up to 100 groups.

    • Cases that will be assigned to each group


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