Overview: Clients

Clients are the foundation of your business. Case Management provides an easy way for you to manage and organize client information in conjunction with case management and production activities.

Clients are created on the Clients page where you can add, edit, or remove a client. Additional considerations when creating a client are provided in the sections which follow.

Before you create a case, you must first create a client.


Important: You must have Super Administrator rights to configure and manage clients.

Get Started with Clients

For greatest efficiency, consider the following steps before adding clients:

  1. Client identification (ID) is required, and each ID must be unique.

  2. Define an ID approach for consistency. For example, decide whether the ID will be by client name (such as last name or complete name), an account ID used elsewhere in your firm, etc.

    The Client ID can be no more than 60 characters and the following characters cannot be used: . / ? < > \ : * |

    Note: From a database management perspective, the client name is truncated at 30 characters, and also spaces and special characters are removed.

  3. Decide on and gather other client information to be included in Case Management. Client ID is required; the following details are optional. Limitations are shown in parentheses.

    • Address (two fields available, 260 characters each)

    • Contact name (160 characters)

    • Phone number (260 characters)

    • Email address (260 characters)

    • Website address (260 characters)

    • Notes (510 characters)

  4. Clients can be added or removed at any time as a normal part of administration.


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