Publish Error Handling

DocumentIn eCapture, refers to an electronic file (letter, spreadsheet, slideshow, etc.) that can be discovered; or discovered and processed. families will not export if any family member encounters a container-level or item-level error. Once errors are requeued successfully or deemed acceptable, the errored documents (and family members) may be published to the review application.


The button is disabled by default and will not be enabled for ADDAutomated Digital Discovery StreamingThe process of automatically copying, processing, filtering and loading data into review systems.DiscoveryProcess used to determine file type(s) to later be processed. The process of making data known to the eCapture system and assigning an index value to this data. Jobs that completed without errors and that were not set to be exported to a review application.


Note: ADD Streaming Discovery Jobs that encountered errors without exporting to a review application can be modified by clicking . This button is disabled until the ADD Streaming Discovery JobIn eCapture, a single directory is chosen to run the discovery job from in order to determine file types. During the discovery process, the MD5 hash for files (sans container files) are calculated and indexing occurs. completes.


The button will be enabled while the ADD Streaming Discovery Job status is incomplete or complete with errors. Once the button is clicked, it is permanently disabled for that ADD Streaming Discovery Job. The button also becomes permanently disabled. Once ADD Streaming Discovery Jobs go through export, they cannot be modified.

The following figure shows an example of an ADD Streaming Discovery Job with errors.


Click to push the documents to the review application.


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