Best Practices

Physical vs. Virtual

On startup, eCapture Workers record whether its computer is physical (one system installed on a hard drive) or virtual (emulation of a computer hosted on a server). Physical computers are preferred for ADDAutomated Digital Discovery StreamingThe process of automatically copying, processing, filtering and loading data into review systems. DiscoveryProcess used to determine file type(s) to later be processed. The process of making data known to the eCapture system and assigning an index value to this data. because they can perform better than VMs under most circumstances. ADD Streaming Discovery tasks are distributed to physical computers before being distributed to virtual computers.

Virtual computers are still supported for ADD Streaming Workers, but performance could degrade based on the configuration and resources available to the computer.

ADD OCR Workers

ADD Streaming Workers can accept OCROptical character recognition. In eCapture, OCR text is created during a Processing Job, if possible. Otherwise, extracted text is created. A separate text file is created for each page processed. tasks, but concurrent ADD Streaming Discovery and OCR tasks may affect each other’s performance due to high usage of CPU and memory in each task. Separate Workers can be configured as OCR Workers to farm OCR tasks away from the ADD Streaming Workers, which can improve overall performance and distribution in the ADD Streaming Discovery JobIn eCapture, a single directory is chosen to run the discovery job from in order to determine file types. During the discovery process, the MD5 hash for files (sans container files) are calculated and indexing occurs..