Create an Exhibit Listing Report

You can create a report of the exhibits in your case using the Reports Explorer.

To create an Exhibit Listing Report, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the EVIDENCE tab in the left navigation panel.

  2. Open the needed case by double-clicking the case name in the Cases table. Alternatively, you can select the appropriate case name, then click the Open Case button in the ribbon bar above the table.

  3. Open the Reports Explorer.

    If the Reports Explorer is not visible, you can open it using the Explorers drop-down in the TRIAL DIRECTOR EVIDENCE Main Menu.

    Click the drop-down arrow and then click Reports.

  4. Select the Exhibit Listing item in the explorer.

  5. Click the Run Selected Report button in the explorer ribbon bar.

  6. The Exhibit Listing Report wizard appears.

  7. Ensure the selected options for the report are correct.

  8. Note: See the table below for information on all of the report options.

  9. Click Next.

  10. Continue to select options and click the Next button in the wizard until you arrive at the Summary page.

    On the Summary page, you can review the options you selected for the report and click the Back button if you need to make any changes.

  11. Click the Preview button.

  12. The report is generated and appears in the Report Work Area.

    You can use the options in the Report Work Area ribbon bar to perform any of the following actions:

    • Navigate between pages in the report

    • Save the report as a different file type

    • Close the report

Report Options

The Exhibit Listing Report contains the following customization options:



Show Description Information

If this option is selected, the report will include the exhibit description for each exhibit.

Custom Column Headings

If this option is selected, the following column header fields become active and you can change them to whatever you want:

  • Marked

  • Admitted

If the fields are left blank, the column headings in the generated report will also be blank.

Report By

You can choose to organize the report by the following options:

  • Exhibit No.

  • Trial Exhibit No.

  • Item Id.


You can choose to include the following items as part of the report:

  • Cover Page - Adds a cover page to the report.

  • Date Footer - Adds a footer to the report that contains the date when the report was generated.

Report Header

You can fill in or change any of the following fields of the report header in the Report Header step of the Exhibit Listing Report wizard:

  • First Line

  • Second Line

  • Third Line

Any changes will appear in the header of the generated report after completing all the steps in the wizard.


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