Overview: Issues

TRIAL DIRECTOR EVIDENCE allows you to organize and manage your case by issue as well as provide the testimony or documents that support each issue. This organization is a key component of trial preparation.

Issues Explorer

Within the Issues Explorer, you can view and manage all the issues and sub-issues of the case. Only issue types with references in a transcript appear in the explorer. The explorer allows you to add, edit, or remove issue types, as well as search for specific types or references applied to the entire case.

Issues Applicator

The Issues Applicator allows you to apply issue types to selected text within a transcript. You may also add, edit, or remove issue types using the applicator. The applicator shows all of the issue types available within the case.

Use Issues Applicator Shortcuts

You can use keyboard shortcuts when applying issue types to a transcript to speed up the issue type application process.

Note: Ensure text is selected within a transcript for all the keyboard shortcuts to be available. For more information, view the Apply an Issue to a Transcript article.

The following hotkeys are available when applying issue types to a transcript:



Issue Type Shortcut

Each issue type has a keyboard shortcut associated with it.

To use an issue type's keyboard shortcut, ensure a transcript and the Issue Applicator are open. Select text in the transcript, type in the issue type's shortcut, then press Enter on the keyboard.

Up and Down Arrow Keys

Use the Up and Down arrow keys to cycle through the issue types in the Issues Applicator.

Spacebar Key

Use the Spacebar key to select a highlighted issue type in the Issues Applicator.


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