Change Account Settings

The Settings area provides an interface for personalizing the look and function of TRIAL DIRECTOR.

To change your account settings, navigate to TRIAL DIRECTOR and follow the steps below:

Note: This article covers general account settings. To learn about alias management, see Manage Aliases.

  1. Click Settings from the menu on the left.

  2. The Settings window appears.

  3. Change the setting in the tab.
  4. Click Save.

There are many settings that can be modified. Review the table below for more information about each setting.



Automatically sign in on startup

Select this option to automatically sign in to TRIAL DIRECTOR at startup using the credentials entered on the account.

Update Options

Use the options in the dropdown to decide what to do when TRIAL DIRECTOR updates arrive.

Color Schemes

Choose from these options to change the color scheme of TRIAL DIRECTOR:

  • Default Color Scheme - Color scheme changes to Pantone Proc Cyan C

  • Projector Color Scheme - Color scheme alters to appear appropriately on a projector

  • High Contrast Color Scheme - Color Scheme changes to be more readable between text and background

  • Note: Ensure the system is set to high contrast as well. If not, all the elements may not appear correctly in the application. Click here for more details.

Automatically transcode MPEG-2 files on import

When checked, any MPEG-2 files will automatically be converted to MPEG-4 files during the import process. It is strongly recommended that you leave this box checked.