Remove a Case

You can remove a case completely from your account on the Case Manager tab in TRIAL DIRECTOR.

Note: If multiple users have been assigned to a case, then a user deleting that case from TRIAL DIRECTOR will only be removing him or herself from the case. Doing so does not impact case data, it only removes the specific team member in question. Other users assigned to the same case will still be able to access it. For the team member to view the case again, they will need to be re-invited to the case by another case team member. Only when all users assigned to the case delete it from TRIAL DIRECTOR will it be fully removed from the database.

To remove a case, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Case Manager.

  2. Select a case from the Cases table on the Start Page.

  3. With the case selected, click the Remove Case button.

  4. Click Yes in the confirmation dialog.


Note: When you delete the case, all of the items within the case will be deleted as well. The case is removed from your account.


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