Open a Case

In Case Manager, you can open a case to view the case details and items added to the case such as issues, designations, and team members.

To open a case:

  1. Open Case Manager.

  2. Select a case from the Cases table on the Start Page.

  3. With the case selected, click the Open Case button.

  4. The case is opened and you can begin working with the case items in each of the case tabs.

Note: You may also double click a case in the Cases table to open it. If you want to open the case in EVIDENCE, select a case from the table and click the Open Case in Evidence button.

After opening a case, in TRIAL DIRECTOR, the following tabs are shown:

Overview: Team Members

Overview: Parties

Overview: Issue Types

Overview: Designation Types

Overview: Exhibit Labels

Connect to a Case

The Connect to a Case feature allows users to export a case from a network location to an external media source (i.e. hard drive or thumb drive), and to connect directly to that case during trial. This option allows users to save time by connecting to a case without having to fully import the case first. To connect to a case, follow the steps below:

  1. Ensure the data has been exported to the external media source.

  2. With the external media source connected, select a case from the Cases table.

    Note: The cases that are available on the external media source will have a lighter colored case icon to distinguish the cases on the external media source from the standard cases in the system.

  3. Select the Connect to Case button in the Case Manager main navigation menu.

    The Connect Case dialog appears.

  4. Browse to the location of the case data on the external media source.

  5. Click Connect.

    The case from the external media source is connected.

Open a Case Location

The Open Case Location feature allows users to quickly navigate to the backend location of a case. You can locate the backend data of a case in Case Manager and in EVIDENCE using the same steps listed below:

  1. Open Case Manager or EVIDENCE.

  2. Right-click on a case and select Open Case Data Location.

    The location of the backend data opens.