Case Management Dashboard

Before jumping into a case, you can open the Case Management dashboard which provides an overview of all the cases to which you have the rights to access, view, and manage. When you log on to IPRO Search, the Case Management dashboard displays a broad view of your cases and their status. This is where you also manage custodians on legal hold and export cases to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet ( .csv format).The Case Management dashboard consists of the Case List and Custodians Under Legal Hold tabs.



Custodians Under Legal Hold tab

Displays a list of custodians that have been placed under legal hold. If there is a large number of custodians to search, use keywords to filter your case list—see Custodians Under Legal Hold Tab.

Export to Excel spreadsheet

Lets you export the list of cases in the A Case Overview workspace as an Excel spreadsheet (.csv format)—see Exporting .

Column sorting

Rearranges the order of displayed items. You can sort items alphabetically in ascending (A to Z) or descending (Z to A) order—see Sorting Documents.


Updates the contents of the A Case Overview workspace.


The list of cases available for you to manage; this depends on your role in eDiscovery—see Roles in eDiscovery.

Add columns

Lets you choose columns to show or hide—see Displaying Columns.

Open Case

Lets you open an existing case—see Opening Cases.

Edit Case

Lets you edit an existing case—see Editing Cases .

Close this window

Closes the dashboard.