Root Stemming

Root stemming is a key component of linguistic analysis algorithms. In fields enabled with NLP, IPRO Search looks for root words and their variants by relying on a system of lexicons. A root word does not have a prefix in front of the word or a suffix at the end of the word. It is the primary lexical unit of a word and of a word family. It contains the most significant aspect of semantic content and cannot be reduced into smaller components.

During a search, variations of the root word are also produced. This widens the search scope, delivering more results that may be relevant to your search.

Example: A Subject Matches search for the root word bank will produce the following:

  • banked
  • banker
  • banking
  • bankrupting
  • Unexpected results may include:
  • bank of desks
  • bank of fire
  • bank the aircraft
  • steep bank