Release Notes - Version 6.5.3

Driven by a mission for better governance, faster insights, and Smarter Discovery, this new IPRO Information Governance (IG) release (formerly NetGovern) continues to focus on AI enhancements and issues customers ask about most. Please contact IPRO support to schedule an upgrade consultation –


New Features and Enhancements

Gmail Connector Configuration – Administration UI now supports configuration and connectivity settings for Gmail with Microsoft Exchange (on premises Active Directory), Gmail with Microsoft Office365 Azure Active Directory, and Gmail with Active Directory—see Configuring Gmail Connector.

IM: Include System Messages – See system messages when a user has left or joined a chat, team or channel for Microsoft Teams and Slack Enterprise instant messages—see Instant Message Metadata.

Microsoft Office365: Support for Modern Attachments – You can now archive, index, export, and view O365 email attachments sent as modern attachments and stored on Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive—see Configuring SharePoint Connector, Configuring OneDrive Connector.

LiveEDA: Enhanced Functionality

  • Complete end-to-end eDiscovery workflow – Apply case scope, user permissions, search templates, legal hold, document classification, autosave, and more—see Work In Live EDA Case.

  • Export of Classification Scores – Improved export to IPRO Review that includes classification score(s) for PCI, PHI and PII for easy identification of sensitive data—see Work In Live EDA Case.

  • Update to Empty Classification on Export – When exporting classification to data files, the passing of empty classification score was updated to be null instead of “NA”. This now aligns with other empty values that are displayed within IPRO Review—see Work In Live EDA Case.


Change Requests

Log4j Security Vulnerabilities – Updated both Crawler and Solr with Log4j Java library patch to remove security vulnerabilities (CVE-2021-45046 & CVE-2021-44228).

SMB3 Support – Added compatibility for SMB3 protocols for file share indexing and archiving.

SMB3 Support of DFS Shares – Added compatibility with SMB3 protocol for Distributed File System (DFS) shares.

Enhanced View for Custodian Data – Updated user interface to provide a visual representation to identify custodians that have a partial list of data sources selected without having to expand nested tree view—see Location View.

Groupwise: Legacy Users – Added support for legacy Groupwise configurations without Active Directory—see Configuring User Mapping.


Resolved Issues

MACPR-9238 – Improved identification of usernames with parenthesis during Archive2Indentity.

MACPR-9261 – Updated NPM JavaScript Libraries to remove potential security vulnerabilities.

MACPR-9273 – Updated Email report for file indexing jobs on Distributed File System (DFS) to report properly.

MACPR-9190 – Updated Jetty Server – Directory Listing to remove potential security vulnerabilities.

MACPR-9013 – Improved handling of user selection for jobs when UPN is different from Primary SMTP Address in environments running Groupwise.

MACPR-9117 – Updated Crawling Node to show the correct percentages status within stage column reporting.

MACRP-9116 – Updated calculating the rate of progress for monitoring archiving and index jobs.

MACPR-9214 – Improved handling of adding Journal accounts to an archive job.

MACPR-9144 – Updated file indexing job error report to include file path.

MACPR-9115 – Proper file size reporting after files have completed indexing.