Release Notes - Version 6.5

Driven by a mission for better governance, faster insights, and Smarter Discovery, this new IPRO Information Governance (IG) release (formerly NetGovern) represents one of the most impactful to date. New solutions let you integrate searching in place, collect less through smarter collections, and include live access to popular collaboration tools, such as Teams or Slack, with a focus on the functionality you’ve asked for most.

Live EDA

Integrate Live Search and legal collection into IPRO Enterprise so that you can send targeted data directly to Document Review or preserve it for legal hold. Now, you can fully integrate your eDiscovery process from data collection to trial, for reduced costs and complexity—see IPRO Enterprise Release Notes.

IPRO Enterprise functionality requires additional purchase, see your account representative for more information.

Index, Search and Archive for Teams, Slack and Gmail

Access Teams, Slack and Gmail content for archiving and live Search with the addition of the latest connectors to the product. Now you can clean up your old Teams groups and users, and apply retention policies in archiving. You can also get all the benefits of Live EDA by searching and reviewing chat threads and content before collection.

File Archiving

You can now archive numerous file types in various online and offline repositories, including Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint, and proprietary file systems for strict Retention Compliance. Choose which versions of the archived files to search and export. File Archiving complements NetGovern’s existing file crawling capabilities for in-place eDiscovery—see Configuring File Archiving.

Legal Hold for Live Content

This feature places live email, file, Teams, SharePoint, or Slack content—that has not been archived yet—on Legal Hold. Based on your search criteria, Legal Hold will preserve the data by creating an immutable record of matching content. Regulations or court proceedings might require you to show chain of custody, that records are intact, and that there has been no spoliation. This feature complements existing Legal Hold capabilities for archived email—see Applying Legal Hold.

Case Templates

Case Managers can save cases to be used as templates. This can save time when the Case Manager must create several cases. A Case Manager can import search criteria, tabs, custom tags, and other parameters, and save a template for any other Case Manager to use—see Creating Case Templates.

Search Templates

You can save the search criteria in a search tab as a template. This can simplify things if you need to replicate the search in another tab, or in another case. You can also make your search template accessible for others to use in their own searches—see Creating Search Templates.