Location View

The Location view displays a list of the archive stores, file locations, live locations - including email systems - and custodians from which you can view and search archived and live data. This is also where you can perform filter searches—see Using Search Filters.

You can easily view all the locations and custodians included in your case. If a blue check box with check mark is displayed , the location and all of its custodians are included in your case. If a check box with a dash is displayed , specific custodians from this location are included in your case. An empty check box indicates that the location, custodian or subfolder, is not included in your case.

To include or exclude a location - and all of its custodians and associated subfolders - simply click on it.

You can expand all locations - including archive stores and live email systems - to reveal their custodians. Click on the triangle next to a location to expand.

Click on the custodians displayed in order to include or exclude them from your case. You can also select the custodian's subfolders you wish to include or exclude from your case. Click on the triangle next to a custodian to expand.

You can also view and browse a custodian's list of archived contacts. The Contacts list displays the custodian's contacts within the selected archive location and its subfolders.

It is not possible to run searches on a contacts– you can only browse through the contacts of one custodian at the time.