Configuring Slack Indexing

IPRO eDiscoverycases can include data sourced directly from Slack Enterprise. Indexing and Archiving jobs must be set up to process the data and make the Slack content available in IPRO Search. To index Slack files, posts, and replies, you must create a Slack Index job in the IPRO Admin UI.

Indexing must be performed prior to archiving in order to make the archived content searchable—see Configuring Slack Archiving.

The Slack Index agent will crawl files, posts, and replies across direct chats, group chats, and workspace channels. When indexed, the Slack Enterprise data becomes available and searchable in an IPRO Search case—see IM Searches.

While IPRO supports both Slack Enterprise and Slack Plus, only Slack Enterprise can be indexed.
It is not necessary to create a policy to guide this job.