Configuring a Connection to Exchange

To include data from Exchange Online or Microsoft Exchange in your IPRO case, configure the connector and create a Location in the IPRO Admin UI. Next, ensure all users are mapped by performing User Mapping. Complete the configuration process by creating Archiving jobs to archive the source data.

In the steps outlined below, a Storage Location is created for Exchange, for archiving purposes only. If you intend to search the archived mailbox data, create a Live Location and configure an Index job. For more information—see Configuring Locations.

To connect to the mail system and run an archiving job on all mailbox data, follow the steps outlined below.

  • For both Exchange Online and Microsoft Exchange, you must first create an Exchange Service Account and grant the access rights required. Create a custom role with only the required permissions, and add the service account. Grant impersonation rights

  • For Exchange Online, you must integrate IPRO with Office 365. Register the EWS application with the Microsoft Identity Platform, grant the permissions required, and add the Office 365 Tenant ID in the IPRO Admin UI.

  • Establish a connection to Exchange Online or Microsoft Exchange, complete the required configurations in the IPRO Admin UI.

  • Create an Archive location for Exchange, configure the Storage Location in the IPRO Admin UI.

When set up is complete, archived Exchange content can be viewed and exported from IPRO Search.