About Preserving and Collecting

With LIVE EDA, the Preservation and Collection stage of eDiscovery is performed at the end—after you have performed a thorough search and the results have been reviewed and analyzed. At this point, the data to be preserved and collected is small and targeted, making preservation and collection fast and cost effective.

To uphold an ongoing legal hold during a case, documents must be captured and preserved in its native state for defensibility reasons. During collection, you can normalize and export documents in PDF, PST, or Portable IPRO Search formats. Normalization is the process of transforming documents to make them consistent in terms of the information it contains, such as:

  • Whether email attachments are included
  • Search criteria used
  • Email metadata
  • Instant Message (IM) metadata
  • Audit information such as when it was archived, viewed, printed
  • Page header with the case name
  • Footer with page numbers

You can export the content in order to produce it for the lawyers, externally for access information requests or for use by the people in your organization, as well as for completing the eDiscovery process with other tools if needed.