Configuring File Archiving

You can archive numerous file types in various online and offline repositories, including Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint, and proprietary file systems. Strict Retention Compliance can be enforced by applying retention policies to specific versions of the files archived from the various locations. You can choose which versions of the archived files to search and export.

It is not necessary to create a policy to guide this job.

There are two types of File Archiving job:

  • The Direct From Source option allows you to perform archiving and indexing simultaneously. The Direct From Source job both archives and indexes data in the source location.

    Select this option if you wish to crawl and archive large quantities of data. When the Direct From Source job is finished running, you can search the archived data.

  • The Index Search Query option allows you to perform archiving only. To search the data archived by the Index Search Query job, you will first need to set up a separate File Indexing job—see Configuring File Indexing.

    Select this option if you wish to archive file content using granular NQL-based policies.

Once you have created the job, the selected job type cannot be changed.